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Shine bright like a diamond!

Ah, 2016! A fresh start. A time when the newsfeed is filled with promise and positive affirmations, and we all take stock in our own lives- the good, the bad, the things we can control, and the things we cannot! Our little family has some big and exciting changes headed our way... I cannot wait to share- but more on that coming very soon!

Right now, let's talk about the big revelation I had about YOU and me. Ok?

Back in October, I was sharing some images of mine with a colleague and something she said really resonated:

"You know beauty."

I am not good at accepting compliments. (Resolution#3 for 2016: Smile and say "Thank You!" to compliments.)

Instead of saying, "Thank you!", I replied saying, "I photograph beautiful people."

*(Yes, I told you this was about YOU.)

She said, "No. You photograph people beautifully. There's a difference. You know how to show your subject's beauty."

I laughed. (It's what I do when I'm paid a compliment- see resolution #3. I'm working on it.) I looked at the 15 images we had in front of us. Before us were 14 drop dead beautiful women... all at least 8 months pregnant. These women looked radiant. They were all over the moon happy to pose by themselves [for me] because each one was proudly carrying what was to become one of their most beautiful and fullfilling creations- their soon to be delivered child.

Something was very very wrong with these 15 images.

It wasn't the women. They were rockstars in my book.

It wasn't the poses. It certainly wasn't the prints which had been produced by my pro lab.


This immediately led to, "When was my last beauty session with an adult?" (I shoot fairies all of the time!)


I knew the answer. It's my answer. It's the same answer I hear from my fellow mommies. I'm pretty sure it's your answer and it goes a little somethin' like this:

We are mommies. We put our children and family first. We are not here at your studio glammed up for images that, God forbid, might include us- might feature our roots which are overdue for color because we've been busy attending PTA meetings, soccer practice, dr's appointments, and making sure our children get out the door with homework done- we work! We are not here to be a part of images that might show our yoga pants and stained shirt because "the baby spit up on the way here, but luckily I was holding her and it didn't get on her smocked dress" that I spent hours choosing, and a couple weeks waiting for it to arrive, just in time for today's photo session.

Do you see where I'm going with this? We are the mommies. We are the rockstars.

WHY are we not honoring ourselves and making time to see ourselves the way others see us?

Taking it one step further, aside from Christmas, WHY are we not in our family photos?

I know..."Somebody has to take them!" I know. Trust me. I know.

WHY are we not documenting OUR beauty? Selfies don't count.

That's another conversation for another time!

It stops now. I am seeking you out, Beautiful. I know you're there.

I know you deserve to look amazing on camera and you deserve a few hours for YOU.

I am scheduling a limited number of glamour sessions on

January 23rd and February 6th because YOU deserve to see your beauty.

It's time to SHINE.

Seriously, it hit me like a ton of bricks. For me personally, if I kept waiting to be IN pictures until I look the way I want to, we will never have pictures with me in them. That's doing a disservice to me- and also to my child who one day will have minimal images of us together (Yet thousands of images of other children and families stored in collections on servers... kind of depressing for her when I thought about it!) So, we scheduled 2 family photo sessions, and a couples session for my husband and me. I booked our Christmas mini-vaca complete with a photographer package to document our every stop. Best money I ever spent to not have to take photos and less-than-stellar selfies of me with my family. Since October, I've been in more images with my husband and our 7 year old than I have since she was born. I may not look like a supermodel, but darn it, there is photographic proof I am part of this family and I look beautiful. I am so thankful to have these moments captured through the lenses of professionals. 2 beauty sessions including me. A 3rd already scheduled for the last week in January with my sister because our childhood photos are sweet, but seriously, it's high time... So, early resolution for 2016 is already a success: BE present. Shine.

Take it from the mommy who knows! Don't wait. Make the time to SHINE. Let me capture beautiful images of YOU for YOU. Book your session for YOU by yourself, or book with the other women in your life- sisters, mother, grandmother... best friends... your partner... your daughter.

Let's do this.

Visit my GLAM page for more info on what each session includes.

Shine on! Cameron


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