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      Studio Luxe Glamour Days 2020


SPRING 2020 | Natural Light Studio Glam Portraiture

Bathe yourself in light.


See the beauty




Sisters. Mothers. Friends...

Let that light shine!


As a mother, a wife, and a professional photographer,

I can say with certainty that we as women, do not see, honor, and value our own

inner strength and beauty

the way those around us do.


I simply love capturing

the glow of confidence...the sparkle in the eye...

that others see in you, but you rarely if ever get to see for yourself.


This Spring, I'm using the beautiful natural light of our loft studio space along with a few of my favorite outdoor locations   where we will be making and capturing special moments, and I'd love for you to see the beauty others see in you.


You'll have access to the studio collection of scarves, dresses, silk and tulle skirts and various accessories. This year we are also introducing feathered wings into our collection!

We'll have a customized styling call prior to each session to discuss what we'll shoot for during your session.

From formal gowns to showing some serious skin, these will be timeless and tasteful.

Your poses will be flattering and will excite YOU.


This is your opportunity to






1. What types of images should we expect to create together? 

a. We are going to make gorgeous, flattering images that not only capture your sparkle, but make you sparkle when you see them! These glamour sessions are tailored to you. Some of my clients are looking for head shots and images they can use for marketing themselves and their businesses. Some of my clients want to glam it up and capture fashionable and modern shots they can use on their social media profiles. Most of my clients want images that are "share-worthy"- but really, also want some that are just for them or for them to share with their partner. Some of my favorite sessions have been with siblings, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers together- or best friends who wanted to be photographed together. *Session fee includes up to 2 people. Additional people may be booked at a reduced rate, but please email or call the studio for more info.  All of the images we create together will be made based on your wants. I will make suggestions and you can laugh them off or embrace them- but keep in mind it would be silly of me to suggest something you wouldn't want to purchase when you see it, so if I'm suggesting it, it's because I see something I think YOU should see too! So, from a full suit with Elizabethian collar and pearls, to bustiers and...well... not much else, we can tailor your session to be what YOU want. That being said, if you're invisioning something that can't be shown in a fine art magazine, I am really not your girl. Nudes can be so beautiful, and proudly, I can say that every model I've ever photographed sans clothing has purchased artwork from that collection of images. All of that having been said, your images are completly private unless I request and you consent to them being shared. 


2.  What about hair and makeup?

a: From confidently coiffed to sultry bedroom hair, I have a few incredibly talented women I work with and can line up for your shoot who would love to make sure your locks are flowing and full of volume so they will want to dance with you through your session! Just ask, and we can add hair and makeup to our day! As for makeup, while your photographer may not glam herself up often, she can! Cameron has worked in NYC studios and traveled around the world to photograph models alongside renowned makeup artists. We will be able to work together with your makeup and some basic tools to accentuate your beauty without compromising the real "you" using your existing color palate and makeup- and maybe amping it up just a bit. We are going for timeless, classic beauty.


Things to think about:
Your hands- we'll be moving your hands around your body A LOT. Hips, neck, hair... your hands will be photographed. I suggest a classic nail color- light pinks, beige, more natural colors- because once again, I want your images to be timeless. PS. Painting your toes is recommended too!

Your eyebrows- We'll be shooting beauty portraits. While it's a good idea to look at your eyebrows in good light to address any thinning or shaping that may be necessary, DO NOT go crazy and overthin your brows. I can teach you how to naturally shape and trim your brow if needed. False eyelashes? Yayyyasssss, Girl. 


3. Wardrobe?! What will I wear?

a: Many of the images we create together will be from the waist up or what we call "head and shoulder" portraits.


I will tell everyone: 



Ideally, you'll want to have a neutral (white, cream, light pink, brushed gold, charcoal, black) button down shirt that comes to your lower thigh and tailors well to your body or can be tailored with clamps for our session. If the fabric is suited, a starched collar creates more space around your neckline- that's code for: it's slimming! ) Satins are luxurious. A mens button down with rolled up sleeves also works well and can be fun for more of a casual bedroom look!



A killer bra can be lacey or solid- but it needs to fit properly, lift, and separate. If your bra does not properly lift and contain "the girls", I recommend doing a little time in a local dressing room to find a good fit. From Target to Victoria's Secret to Fredrick's of Hollywood, good fit is key, and the rest will follow! 


Other pieces to bring if you'd like: scarves, pretty lingerie, formal dresses, dress jackets, long necklaces. 



Starting with the easy part, let's address shoes! Yay! The taller the heel, the more it makes your calves pop in full length shots. I prefer the look of heels- not platforms- because they are classic and stand the test of time. We may shoot some or all barefoot- so painted tootsie nails are a plus. 


Shave and apply a nice body butter or lotion. Depending on your styling, we may or may not show leg, but doesn't it feel nice to have silky smooth legs? PS. I have quite the knack for making killer booty and leg shots. Guess it comes from the formal dance photography experience?


Pants/Skirts/Belts: Depending on your styling, we may pair you with a full skirt or a micro-mini to show off your beautiful legs. Either way, wear something comfortable that doesn't bunch at your waistline. Regardless of being a size zero or a curvy girl, you will be moved and posed to accentuate curve and flatter your body. Some of my favorite shots, regardless of your body shape, are always in nice button downs that show a little leg. Lace panties are gorgeous and can both mask and accentuate. Just make sure you try on what you've got beforehand, and that it's covering what you want covered and flaunting what ya got!


4. What is the session process?

a. You'll arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. When you get here, we'll address hair and makeup, get your hair camera-ready, and discuss and prepare makeup, wardrobe, and your shot list. I will show you some of the ways we'll be working with your body to pose, how we'll work with your hands to sculpt your figure, and make sure we are all ready to make beautiful images together. Once your hair and makeup are set, we'll spend about an hour photographing headshots, full length, and on multiple natural light backgrounds. We'll schedule your proof review and see you back in about a week so we can bask in the glow of your beautiful portraits together! We'll select your favorite images which will go into a private password-protected, only you can share- online viewing site. After you've chosen your favs, you'll have the option to purchase images just like any Studio Luxe session- as a la carte prints or canvas, as a collection on disk, or, you may have trouble deciding and take advantage of my most popular option for glamour sessions- and we'll craft a beautiful single edition hardbound book of your images to treasure for yourself or to share with your fans!


5. Be ready to relax, have fun, and spend a couple of hours on YOU! Don't want to slight your girlfriends? Ask about our parties!

Perfect for bachelorette parties, or pampering and having fun with the girls!








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